Thailand is The Happiest of 7 Regional Asia Pacific Contries, Survey Says

Thailand is The Happiest of 7 Regional Asia Pacific Contries, Survey Says

A survey of 85,000 adult respondents conducted using the polling app Votee revealed that of the seven regional Asia-Pacific (APAC) nations, the people of Thailand are the happiest.

Between October 2021 and December 2022, data were gathered from respondents in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

Frequently, respondents were asked to rate their degree of happiness on a scale of 1 to 10. The outcomes are as follows, going from the happiest to the unhappiest.

Thailand (7.62)
Philippines (7.59)
Indonesia (7.43)
Malaysia (7.24)
Singapore (6.28)
Taiwan (6.17)
Hong Kong (5.6)

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Over a 15-month period, respondents graded their happiness on a scale of 1 to 10. The overall trend on a wavy graph is downward, with happiness ebbing over time.

The survey's investigation of the connection between GDP and happiness in the APAC area was its most intriguing component. Despite having a high GDP of US$49,660 per person, Hong Kongers had the lowest overall satisfaction rating in the group at 5.6/10.

The GDP per capita of the Philippines, which came in second with 7.59/10 on the happiness scale, was $3,548. Singapore ranks in the center with a happiness score of 6.28/10 and has the highest GDP per capita in the area at US$72,794.

Happiness among Hong Kong respondents experienced a turbulent 15 months, mostly remaining below the 5.38 threshold but then rising in May 2022 once social distance limits were eased and then going even higher to 6.12 in November 2022.

The Land of Smiles was ranked as the 61st happiest nation out of 146 in March 2022 according to the World Happiness Index. The happiest country was Finland, and the least happy country was Afghanistan.

Bangkok was named one of the worst cities in the world for work-life balance in June, despite the fact that Thailand may be the happiest of the seven APAC countries, according to Votee.


Source: Votee,

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