Bucket List 2023, 4 of 30 of the Most Beautiful Islands in the World From Southeast Asia

Bucket List 2023, 4 of 30 of the Most Beautiful Islands in the World From Southeast Asia
Tron Le/Unsplash

We're always wondering about our upcoming vacation, and seeing these incredible island getaways makes us want to start packing. Scroll carefully since by the end your out-of-office setting might have been activated. Southeast Asia never fails to be our next trip. It is affordable, lovely, and always worthwhile visiting.


Palawan Island, Philippines. Source: Getty Images/

You won't want to leave this tropical paradise once you arrive. A magnificent sanctuary made for a honeymoon or romantic getaway, its dazzling turquoise waters contrast rich verdant woods. Because Palawan Island is home to some of the rarest animals, like purple crabs and Philippine mouse deer, we advise bringing some hiking boots and a scuba suit.


Bali, Indonesia. Source: Getty Images/

Families, honeymooners, recent graduates from college—everyone is making a beeline for Bali recently, and with good reason! You can't go wrong in this island paradise. Dive among the 500 varieties of Bali coral, discover the floating spring water gardens, or take a boat to other islands like Nusa Penida.


Koh Tao, Thailand. Source: Getty Images/

Koh Tao, sometimes called "Turtle Island," is a small island off the coast of Surat Thani that was once home to turtles (hence the name). Due to its numerous reefs that are a rainbow of colors and top-notch dive training facilities, this tiny piece of heaven is a major tourist destination.


Ko Phi Phi, Thailand. Source: Getty Images/

While admiring the exquisite limestone formations that protrude from Ko Phi Phi's blue waters, you enter a sense of ecstasy. The tsunami that struck Thailand in 2004 completely destroyed this tropical paradise, yet as they say, "The rebound is always greater than the setback."



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