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Cambodia Allow Tourists From China to Pay in Renminbi
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Cambodia Allow Tourists From China to Pay in Renminbi

Cambodia has announced that Chinese tourists would now be able to pay in Chinese currency for all tourism services offered nationwide in an effort to accommodate the growing number of Chinese visitors to the country.

All foreign visitors to the nation had the option of paying in either US dollars or Cambodian riel until recently. 

Due to the removal of the necessity for currency conversion and the avoidance of additional taxes, the adoption of the Chinese yuan is anticipated to make it simpler for Chinese tourists to spend their money in Cambodia. It would also help Cambodian small businesses by making it easier for them to accept payments, which will help them grow.

Cambodia has been working hard to increase the number of Chinese visitors it receives. One of the main tourist markets for the nation is China, which has seen a sharp increase in the number of Chinese tourists visiting Cambodia in recent years.

The Cambodian government has been putting several programs into place to enhance the traveler experience and make it simpler for tourists to spend money there.

Accepting Chinese money is anticipated to increase the number of Chinese visitors coming to Cambodia as well as foster trade and deepen bilateral connections.



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