Exploring the World's Largest Outdoor Museum: History and Traditional Ghosts at Ancient City

Exploring the World's Largest Outdoor Museum: History and Traditional Ghosts at Ancient City

Thailand is a country that is known for its rich history and vibrant culture. It is a land of majestic temples, beautiful beaches, delicious food, and warm people. One of the best ways to experience the culture and history of Thailand is to visit the Ancient City, also known as Muang Boran. This museum can be one of your destination choices when visiting Thailand.

Located just outside Bangkok, about 30 km outside the center of Bangkok city in the Samut Prakan district, the Ancient City Thailand is a sprawling park that offers visitors a glimpse into the country's rich culture and history. The Ancient City in Thailand is a massive outdoor museum spanning over 315 acres of land and featuring over 100 distinct architectural structures from different periods and regions throughout the country. All the replicas are made with great care and detail, giving visitors an authentic experience.

The park was the brainchild of Mr. Lek Viriyahbhun, who was born in 1914 into a Chinese businessman's family in Sampeng, Thailand. After studying in Shanghai, he developed a passion for the arts and cultures of different countries. When he returned to Thailand to help his family's business, he began collecting antiques and artifacts, which inspired him to create a park that would showcase Thailand's cultural heritage.

Different Region, Different Culture

There are several areas within the Ancient City, including the Northern Region, Northeastern Region, Central Region, Southern Region, and Suvarnabhumi. The region within the Ancient City depicts various periods of Thai history, culture, and architecture from different regions in Thailand. Each zone also represents the distinctive characteristics of a different region.

Explore the diverse regions of Thailand and experience their unique cultural heritage. In the Northern Region, witness the majestic and resilient Lanna architecture that has withstood the test of time, with traditional temples and beliefs passed down from generation to generation. The Northeastern Region, known as Isaan, is a vast agricultural hub with festivities closely tied to religious events seeking rain from the gods, featuring architecture influenced by neighboring countries. 

Learn about the heart of Thai culture in the Central Region, where the Chaopraya River has been central to the country's civilization since the Ayutthaya Kingdom. In the Southern Region, discover a rich blend of art and culture from a variety of religions and races paying tribute to the unique result of their melting pot. Finally, explore the land of Suvarnabhumi, a place of fortune and abundance as described in ancient Indian literary sources and Buddhist texts, brought to life through the Ancient City's splendid architecture.

Not Only History, but Also Traditional Ghosts

There is something interesting about this largest outdoor museum. Visitors can not only learn about the history of Thailand, but also about the traditional ghosts that exist in Thailand. The museum gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the beliefs and popular culture relating to ghosts and mythological creatures in Thailand. The museum displays statues or replicas of traditional Thai ghosts along with explanations, so it's not just the horror that visitors feel, but there are also lessons to be learned.

What makes this museum even more interesting is that it uses sensors to detect the arrival of visitors. So the ghost section will light up and the ghost replicas will move on their own. Coupled with the sounds that appear, it will give a gripping impression. This museum will provide its own unique experience and give visitors an unusual impression.


Ancient City is not only a museum, but also an important educational and cultural center for the Thai people. The museum has become a popular venue for cultural events, such as festivals and art exhibitions.  One such event is the Ancient City light festival, which features light and sound shows surrounding butterfly and flower displays. The Ancient City is also a popular destination for movie and series producers, as well as hosting world-class concerts, due to its authentic architectural structures and picturesque surroundings that perfectly reflect the social life of the past in Siam.


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