Asian Gems: The Most Beautiful Streets in Asia

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Asian Gems: The Most Beautiful Streets in Asia

When traveling, the main goal is often to enjoy the food, local culture, or architecture of the city. But sometimes, just walking around aimlessly and enjoying the life of the locals can be a very enjoyable activity. Some of these streets are very special, like the most Instagrammed streets, while others reveal the charm of the city concentrated in every corner.

Sprinkled with unique architecture, we have compiled from various UNESCO World Heritage Sites and CNN reports the most beautiful streets in Asia that should be on your bucket list.

Kyoto, Japan

A stunning blend of rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty. Along this road, there are traditional gardens that offer a mesmerizing charm. Kyoto is also known for its beautiful cherry blossom and autumn seasons, where the colorful trees provide a breathtaking view.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)

Known as The Philosopher's Walk and The Philosopher's Path, this path adorned with the beauty of cherry blossoms is a captivating experience. With 1.25 miles that follow the course of the canal, this path provides an irreplaceable sense of peace. Be sure to plan your visit in the spring when the flowers are in full bloom to enjoy the unforgettable beauty.

Penang, Malaysia

George Town, the capital of the Malaysian island of Penang, entices visitors with its rich culture and incomparable flavors. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city offers vibrant street art and tempting street food. A living cultural maze, the streets are filled with fascinating historical heritage. Every corner offers an interesting surprise, from grand colonial architecture to intriguing historical temples.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)

If you admire architectural marvels, Kek Chuan Street is a must. Here, ornate shops create a mesmerizing atmosphere with a stunning mix of Eastern and Western design. Prepare to experience the charm of George Town, where aesthetic beauty and culinary delights come together for an unforgettable journey.

Phuket, Thailand

Located in the heart of Phuket's Old Town, Soi Romanee is a stunning sight with shophouses reflecting a unique style of Sino-Portuguese fusion. Once the center of the red light district, the street has now been transformed into a tourist destination with a modern twist. On Soi Romanee you'll find a variety of eye-catching cafes, tempting souvenir shops and even refreshing ice cream parlors. Immersed in history and living in the present, Soi Romanee invites you to experience an atmosphere that captivates with images of the past and vibrant life.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)

Sichuan, China

Jinli Street, a cultural center in Chengdu, Sichuan, is a vibrant destination with a touch of magic. On this street, visitors are greeted by lively market stalls and restaurants serving mouth-watering local dishes. However, the true magic of Jinli Street really comes to the fore at nightfall, when the glowing red lanterns cast a mesmerizing spell.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)

A visit to Jinli Street is a chance to explore the rich culture of Sichuan, sample authentic cuisine, and experience charming nightlife in the midst of a vibrant city.

Oita, Japan

Yufuin Flower Village, which resembles a slice of the Japanese Cotswolds, offers an enchanting experience with a rich touch of antiquity. The long, picturesque street is a feast for the eyes, with shop fronts enhanced by the soft glow of lanterns and the enticing decorations of flower boxes.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)

Easily accessible by train, this shopping village offers an enticing atmosphere for a sweet afternoon. A visit to Yufuin Flower Village is a wonderful way to experience the stunning beauty, explore the unique shops and have a great time amidst the serene and immersive atmosphere.

Jodhpur, India

It doesn't seem to matter if you get lost here. The Blue City in Jodhpur, India is a magical place, and its streets are a photographer's paradise. These stunning historic lanes, originally painted blue to symbolize the presence of the Brahmin caste, stretch under the light of the majestic Mehrangarh Fort.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)

This mesmerizing city is the perfect place to take a stroll and offers breathtaking and captivating views. A walk in the Blue City offers an opportunity to capture beautiful moments and explore the beauty of a city full of history and magic.

Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

The ancient city of Hoi An, located in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam, is a cultural jewel of beauty and history. Once an important trading port of Vietnam, the city is now an enchanting place with architectural harmonies that reflect Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and French cultures. Strolling through the city, visitors can enjoy the shops, temples and beautiful colorful houses that have been meticulously restored.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)

Located on the banks of the Thu Bon River, the city is famous for its traditional lantern market and delicious culinary delights. In addition, there are many interesting attractions such as the riverside that comes alive at night, the Japanese Covered Bridge, beautiful beaches such as Cua Dai and An Bang, Van Duc Pagoda, Hoi An Museum and the Fujian Chinese Meeting Hall. Hoi An Ancient Town exudes an unforgettable charm with its rich culture and dazzling natural beauty.

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