PPI Malaysia alumni gathering concluded, strengthening networks and developing resources

PPI Malaysia alumni gathering concluded, strengthening networks and developing resources
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The Malaysian Alumni Reunion was successfully held at Menara BNI Pejompongan, Jakarta, Indonesia on Saturday, November 18, 2023. In this event, various Malaysian alumni from Indonesia from different generations and education levels as well as different campus backgrounds were invited to participate.

Ahmad Zacky Makarim, Chairman of the Alumni Sarasehan Event Committee, stated that Malaysian alumni have a strong desire to form an alumni organization to strengthen the network and enhance the development of alumni resources.

The meeting was chaired by Ahmad Zacky Makarim (IIUM Alumni), Abdis Salam (UUM Alumni) and Andasmara Rizky Pranata (UM Alumni). The result of the meeting was the formation of Team 17, which is tasked to consolidate with all Malaysian alumni.

The process of forming Team 17 was thorough, with team leaders carefully chosen to be a reflection of the diversity of educational backgrounds and areas of work.

The following is the list of names who are members of the team:

1. Fredia Yuzirwan (UUM and UKM Alumni)
2. Riza Damanik (USM Alumni)
3. Akita Verselita (UUM Alumni)
4. Nazla Kasuba (IIUM Alumni)
5. Nabilla Syahvalensi Durasid (APU Alumni)
6. Faaza Muhammad Syah (UPM Alumni)
7. Putri Haryani (MSU Alumni)
8. Rama (UNITEN Alumni)
9. Joni (UPM Alumni)
10. Ina (UPM Alumni)
11. Rahmi (UPM Alumni)
12. Haidar Mohalisi (UTM Alumni)
13. Andasmara Rizky Pranata (UM Alumni)
14. Abdis Salam (UUM Alumni)
15. Zacky Makarim (IIUM Alumni)
16. Baiq Ihtiar Nalara Mandalika (USM Alumni)
17. Norin (UPM Alumni)

Team 17's main task is to design and implement concrete steps to consolidate all Malaysian alumni.

Abdis Salam, Vice Chairman of the Committee, explained that once the Malaysian Alumni Organization is formed, it will become part of Alumni Connect PPI World. Alumni Connect PPI World is an overseas alumni organization formed by PPI World alumni.

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