Precision in the Skies: Standout Airlines Most Punctual in Southeast Asia

Precision in the Skies: Standout Airlines Most Punctual in Southeast Asia

Several airlines in the Asia-Pacific region have achieved remarkable on-time performance, according to the latest report from flight analytics company Cirium. Thai AirAsia of Thailand secured third place, while All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines of Japan took first and second place, respectively, in this prestigious list. The 15th edition of Cirium's On-Time Performance (OTP) report highlights the operational efficiency and consistency of airlines in the Southeast Asia region.

Cirium's report evaluates the punctuality of airlines and airports in Southeast Asia based on operational efficiency and on-time performance. In the report, flights are considered on-time if they arrive within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time.

Based on the results of the 2023 review, the prominent Thai airline, Thai AirAsia, successfully secured the third position in the list. Meanwhile, Japanese airlines, All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines, took the first and second positions, respectively. The OTP Review provides an overview of the operational consistency and efficiency of airlines in the Southeast Asia region, which continues to be a focal point of the regional aviation industry.

Cirium compiled this data by analyzing 600 real-time flight information sources covering various aspects such as airports, air navigation service providers, global distribution systems, airlines, position data, civil aviation authorities, the Internet and ownership data partnerships. This process was supported by a dedicated advisory board of industry experts to ensure the accuracy and validity of the data.

Here are the 10 airlines with the most punctuality records in the Asia-Pacific region for the year 2023, along with their corresponding OTP ratings:

No. Airlines Country OTP Rating
1. AI Nippon Airways Japan 82.75%
2. Japan Airlines Japan 82.58%
3. Thai AirAsia Thailand 82.52%
4. IndiGo India 82.12%
5. Air New Zealand New Zealand 79.68%
6. Garuda Indonesia Indonesia 78.67%
7. Singapore Airlines Singapore 78.57%
8. Philippipnes Airlines Philippines 77.46%
9. Vietnam Airlines Viet Nam 77.46%
10. Cathay Pacific Hong Kong 76.32%


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