Techo Takhmao Airport: A Tiny Tropical Metropolis Takes Flight in Phnom Penh

Techo Takhmao Airport: A Tiny Tropical Metropolis Takes Flight in Phnom Penh

UK-based architects Foster + Partners recently unveiled the design concept for Techo Takhmao International Airport in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Located 20 kilometers south of the city center, construction has begun on the project, which draws inspiration from the local architecture and tropical climate. The airport design includes the development of a new airport city and a terminal building with a lattice-like roof reminiscent of a tree canopy.

In this design, the terminal building serves as the focal point for passenger processing and retail activities, with two curved hydrofoil-shaped wings on either side to handle departures and arrivals. This concept creates a harmonious atmosphere with the surrounding environment, presenting a natural ambiance inspired by the beauty of tree canopies.

A lightweight steel roof, composed of regularly arranged column canopies in a modular pattern, will cover the entire structure. Ultimately, this roof will extend beyond the architectural structure, creating lush vegetation along the central section and extending into the interior of the terminal.

The elevated height of the roof system will also contrast with more human-scale design elements, such as visual transparency on the airport's walkways and limited grade changes throughout the master plan.

Currently, the airport is in the process of construction, and the major phases of the plan are being implemented in a phased manner. The initial phase will accommodate 13 million passengers annually through the main terminal and the aerodynamic pier under construction. Future plans include the addition of additional aerodynamic wings to increase the airport's capacity to 30 million passengers annually.

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