BCA Surpasses Global Giants to Become World's Strongest Banking Brand by Brand Finance

BCA Surpasses Global Giants to Become World's Strongest Banking Brand by Brand Finance

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) has been awarded the title of the world's strongest banking brand by Brand Finance. It should be noted that Brand Finance is one of the world's leading independent brand strategy and valuation consultants.

According to the "Top 500 Banking Brands" report published by Brand Finance in March 2024, BCA has successfully secured the top position in the list of the strongest banking brands. BCA has achieved the top position among 500 other global banking brands from the United States (US), Europe, Asia and Africa.

According to Brand Finance, which has been in existence since 1996, BCA holds the record for the highest Brand Strength Index (BSI) score among all global banking brands, with a score of 93.8 out of 100. BCA also achieved an AAA+ brand rating in this report from the London, England-based institution.

Other global banks listed in Brand Finance's "Top 10 Global by Brand Strength Index" include ICBC and Bank of China from China, First National Bank and Capitec Bank from South Africa, Equity Bank and Kenya Commercial Bank from Kenya, and Vietcombank from Vietnam. Banca Transilvania from Romania is also included. Meanwhile, Brand Finance also assesses the brand strength of leading US banks such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

According to Brand Finance, banks in Asia and Africa have superior brand strength compared to banks in the US and Europe due to the presence of many strong national banking institutions in both continents that have strong positions in their respective markets.

Brand Finance" measures "brand strength" as an indicator of overall brand health, reflecting a brand's position in the perceptions and minds of customers and the marketplace as a whole. This measurement is made using relevant key performance indicators, both emotional and rational.

Below are the top 10 strongest banking brands according to Brand Finance:

  Brand Country BS1 2024 BSI 2023
1 BCA Indonesia 98.8 92.9
2 Equity Bank Kenya 92.5 92.4
3 Banca Transilvania Romania 92.3 90.2
4 First National Bank South Africa 92.3 93.0
5 Kenya Commersial Bank Kenya 91.5 90.4
6 ICBC China 89.9 86.4
7 Capitec Bank South Africa 89.1 93.0
8 Vietcombank Vietnam 89.1 90.8
9 Bank of China China 88.9 86.8
10 CTBC Bank China (Taiwan) 88.8 83.1

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