Economic Powerhouses: Discover Southeast Asian Countries Ranked by GDP Per Capita!

Economic Powerhouses: Discover Southeast Asian Countries Ranked by GDP Per Capita!

With its rich history of global trade, Southeast Asia is emerging as a dynamic center of economic diversity and cultural richness.

In this increasingly interconnected world, GDP per capita serves as a benchmark for measuring, comparing, and depicting the economies and productivity of nations.

Below is GDP per capita data for 11 countries in the region. Data is sourced from the International Monetary Fund and updated through April 2024.

Country GDP Per Capita
 Singapore $88,450
 Brunei $35,110
 Malaysia $13,310
 Thailand $7,810
 Indonesia $5,270
 Vietnam $4,620
 Philippines $4,130
 Cambodia $2,630
 Laos $1,980
 Timor-Leste $1,450
 Myanmar $1,250

Singapore leads Southeast Asia with a GDP per capita of over $88,000, making it the 11th most prosperous country in the world. Although only 734 square kilometers in size, with a population of approximately 5.6 million, Singapore leverages its strategic location as one of the busiest trade routes between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.

Singapore has become a financial and logistical hub, exporting raw materials and manufactured goods, while having limited local production. This results in a positive trade balance, with significant exports and imports to several countries.

Brunei, the second wealthiest country in Southeast Asia after Singapore, relies on the oil and gas industry for half of its revenue. 

While this makes the country vulnerable to fluctuations in commodity prices, it also supports a prosperous lifestyle for its citizens. It's no wonder that the country's quality of life is among the best in the world. The country also has low government debt, stable inflation, and a trade surplus that has persisted for the past decade.

Malaysia and Thailand, both with significant tourism sectors, rank third and fourth in terms of GDP per capita, with figures of $13,310 and $7,810 respectively.

Meanwhile, Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia and the fourth most populous country in the world, ranks fifth with a GDP per capita of about $5,270.

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