Grab Brings AI Prowess to Southeast Asia through OpenAI Collaboration

Grab Brings AI Prowess to Southeast Asia through OpenAI Collaboration
Credit: Grab

Grab and OpenAI announced a partnership to develop and implement advanced AI solutions on Thursday, 30 May. This is the first partnership of its kind in Southeast Asia, and includes the development of AI solutions for Grab users and partners, as well as the pilot testing of ChatGPT Enterprise for a select number of employees.

ChatGPT Enterprise differs from the standard version by offering enterprise-level security, unlimited fast GPT-4 access, longer context windows, advanced data analytics, customization options, and other features.

The partnership will initially focus on accessibility, customer service, and mapping. For example, AI text-to-speech and voice-to-text capabilities will help visually impaired and elderly users who have difficulty using the Grab interface.

In addition to partnering with OpenAI, Grab is also developing its own customer service chatbot that will be more intelligent and effective in resolving user issues. This chatbot will use AI technology to improve its ability to understand questions and provide accurate solutions.

On the other hand, Grab also plans to automate and improve the quality of GrabMaps data extraction. By leveraging OpenAI's vision capabilities, Grab will be able to speed up the map creation process through greater automation and high-quality data extraction from visual images. This is expected to improve the accuracy and detail of GrabMaps, providing users with a more optimal navigation experience.

Grab also recognizes the potential of generative AI to advance the advertising industry. The partnership with OpenAI will enable Grab to refine algorithms, ranking engines and generative AI tools. This is expected to transform ad placement, particularly in terms of accessibility and personalization.

Grab plans to implement innovative advertising methods in its retail media offerings. One example is the use of voice-activated prompts that offer contextual promotions. For example, a voice command could suggest adding onion rings to a burger order at a discounted price.

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