Disney Cruise Line Debuts First Asia-Based Ship, Set to Sail from Singapore

Disney Cruise Line Debuts First Asia-Based Ship, Set to Sail from Singapore
Credit: Disney Cruise

Get ready to sail into wonder! Embark on an adventure with Disney on a cruise ship set to launch in 2025.

Disney Cruise Line (DCL) will introduce Disney Adventure, its first cruise ship in Asia, which will set sail from Singapore. This magnificent ship will be the largest in the DCL fleet, weighing 208,000 tons, and capable of accommodating approximately 6,700 guests and 2,500 crew members.

Disney Adventure will surpass its predecessor, Disney Wish, by 44% in weight. This super ship marks DCL's debut in Asia, making the Marina Bay Cruise Centre in Singapore its home port.

The ship offers 3- and 4-night cruises with various exciting destinations in Southeast Asia and thrilling experiences inspired by Disney, Pixar, and Marvel films. Disney Adventure is divided into seven themed zones, each bringing to life the magic of different movies. The exterior of Disney Adventure will also reflect Mickey Mouse's iconic colors, complete with Disney Cruise Line's signature red funnels.

Explore the Wonders of the Disney World:

  • Wayfinder Bay: Experience the Pacific island vibe of Moana with a spacious open pool.
  • Toy Story: Bring children to a joyous zone featuring play areas, themed dining, and water attractions inspired by Pixar films.
  • Disney Discovery Reef: Dive into the underwater world with aquatic characters from movies like The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo.
  • Marvel Super Hero Zone: Test your abilities as a superhero and face villains like Loki or Thanos.
  • Town Square: Feel the magic of Disney Princesses in a kingdom-themed area featuring Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel, complete with shops, lounges, cafes, and entertainment venues.
  • Disney Imagination Garden: Visit the "heart" of the ship with lush gardens and magical forests inspired by 100 years of Disney, and enjoy captivating live shows.

Disney Adventure is not just about the adventure and Disney magic. This giant cruise ship also provides a relaxation oasis for parents. After a day of accompanying children through the Disney world, you can indulge in a spa treatment or work out at the gym.

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