World's Least Religious Countries, 2024

Vietnam's recognition as the least religious country in Southeast Asia and its ranking as the 12th least religious country globally, according to a survey by CEOWORLD magazine, sheds light on the evolving religious landscape in the region and around the world. With responses from over 820,000 people worldwide, the survey offers valuable insights into the level of religiosity across different countries.

China's continued position as the least religious country in the world underscores the diversity of religious beliefs and practices observed globally. The term "least religious" denotes minimal adherence to religious beliefs, practices, or affiliations, indicating a lower level of religious commitment or involvement within these regions.

Vietnam's ranking reflects the complex interplay of historical, cultural, and social factors shaping attitudes towards religion in the country. While traditional beliefs and practices still hold significance for many Vietnamese, there has been a notable trend towards secularism and non-religious affiliation among certain segments of the population.

Overall, the survey highlights the diverse religious landscapes present across the globe and underscores the importance of understanding and respecting varying perspectives on spirituality and belief systems.

Rafa Sukoco

An Indonesian, born into a multiethnic family, with a passion for traveling, culinary experiences, and delving into history and religion. Enjoying life through listening and sharing stories.
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