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Southeast Asia Vibes in Hult Prize Competition at NCTU, Taiwan

Basically, based on SEA people's perturbation, transformed into ideas, then presented by NCTU students through the business pitch in the first-ever Hult Prize at ...

Upcoming Disney Movie Featuring Diverse Southeast Asia Culture

Choir Nnisa2 years ago
Attention for all Disney fans gets ready for a new Disney movie concept released in 2021. Can't wait to watch and feel the exiting ...

Head to Head : AirAsia vs Lion Air

Adelaida Salikha6 years ago
These two giant low-cost carrier groups in Southeast Asia, AirAsia and LionAir remain as two dominating forces in the aviation industry today. Wanted to ...

All Taller Than Petronas Towers, Future Tallest Buildings in Southeast Asia

Adelaida Salikha6 years ago
Plans underway to build Southeast Asia's tallest skyscraper are real happening now and Seasia has compiled both under construction and proposed tallest buildings. ...

Top Ten Hollywood Movies Filmed in Southeast Asia

Adelaida Salikha6 years ago
Have you ever wondered which countries in Southeast Asia that caught the attention among Hollywood producers to film their movies? ...