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Internet Ad Spending in Southeast Asia 2023

Dini Yasyi3 weeks ago
What will Southeast Asia's total and digital ad expenditure look like in 2023, and how do the region's nations stack up against one another ...

Southeast Asia's Digital Payments Will Drive Region's Growth in 2023 and Thereafter

Dini Yasyione month ago
As the old banking system transitions to a new era of digitalization, the Southeast Asian digital payments sector is undergoing something of a revolution. ...

7 "Digital Items" Southeast Asia Must Have for Powerful Inclusive Digital Economy

Dini Yasyi2 months ago
The ASEAN Secretariat created the ASEAN Digital Innovation Blueprint as a strategy to direct the growth of the digital economy in the ASEAN area. ...

Limiting Cash Payments by Government Will Boost Southeast Asia's Digital Economy: Report

Dini Yasyi2 months ago
Governments are trying to connect their domestic real-time payment (RTP) rails to enhance cross-border digital transactions ...

To The Highest! Southeast Asia's Digital Economy Will Surpass US$300 Billion in 2026

Dini Yasyi2 months ago
Southeast Asia's rapidly growing digital economy is being fueled by a number of causes, including the development of the sharing economy and eCommerce ...

To The Highest! Digital Economy in Southeast Asia Will Reach $200 Billion in 2022

Dini Yasyi5 months ago
The analysis covers the economy of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, which total six significant economies. ...

Bright future of e-wallets and digital payments in Southeast Asia

Dini Yasyi12 months ago
According to a Bain & Co analysis titled "e-Conomy SEA 2021, Roaring 20s: The SEA Digital Decade," eight out of ten merchants expect more ...

Southeast Asia's Internet Economy to Hit $240bn by 2025

Southeast Asia's internet economy is expected to exceed $240 billion by 2025, a joint study by Google and Temasek Holdings ...