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Southeast Asia's Digital Payments Will Drive Region's Growth in 2023 and Thereafter

Dini Yasyione month ago
As the old banking system transitions to a new era of digitalization, the Southeast Asian digital payments sector is undergoing something of a revolution. ...

Why Southeast Asia Needs a Region-Wide Digital Payment System?

Dini Yasyione month ago
More than 75% of people in these six Southeast Asian nations have access to the internet, and most of them have done some online ...

Southeast Asia's Digital Payment Transaction Values Reach The Highest in 2022

Dini Yasyione month ago
The region's 10 existing member as well as Timor Leste as a new member might all stand to gain significantly from the establishment of ...

Bright future of e-wallets and digital payments in Southeast Asia

Dini Yasyi12 months ago
According to a Bain & Co analysis titled "e-Conomy SEA 2021, Roaring 20s: The SEA Digital Decade," eight out of ten merchants expect more ...

This Two Fintech Startups Agree to Merge to Fight Archrival Gojek

Two of Indonesia’s top fintech startups have agreed in principle to merge to create a stronger challenger to Gojek’s GoPay, according ...

Smartphone Boom Driving Jump In Digital Payments In The Philippines

Thomas Benmetan7 years ago
In the Philippines, cash is still king. Just one in 10 Filipinos transact online via their bank accounts, although half the nation's population of ...