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Surpass Singapore's Grab, Indonesia's GoTo is Now Southeast Asia's Most Valuable Startup

Dini Yasyi8 months ago
Over the past many years, Grab and GoTo have been engaged in an expensive power struggle. Even while it works to develop in nations ...

Ride-Hailing for Life! Who Is The Best in Southeast Asia?

Dini Yasyi9 months ago
With 75% of users choosing Grab as their most often used app, Grab is the undisputed market leader when it comes to brand recognition ...

Survey Ranking: The top super app in Southeast Asia in 2022

Dini Yasyi12 months ago
According to research, 51% of Southeast Asians said they shop online more frequently, and 1 in 2 said they pay with digital wallets or ...

Ranking: Countries With Highest Motorbike User

Dini Yasyi12 months ago
In Southeast Asia, the motorbike taxi or ride-hailing business has become an important element of society, and consumers are becoming increasingly ...

Grab Launches Ride-hailing Services through App

A new collaboration between Grab, a Singapore-based company offering ride-hailing transport services and travel accommodation booking platform will now ...