Useful Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2020

Useful Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2020
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It is finally the time of the year to celebrate one of the most important men in your life. This year’s celebration will require more meticulous planning because Father’s Day falls on June 21 during social distancing period.

What does this imply? Shopping for gifts may still be restricted to online purchases. Furthermore, practical gifts that are relevant for this home-bound time may be more prudent and appreciated this year. With this in mind, ValueChampion, an Asian-focused FinTech company, have picked out some useful gift ideas that are both pragmatic and appropriate for this time.

Peace & Quiet: Wireless Headphones

It appears that working from home and home-based learning will stick around for a while more. To ensure that your father can continue to enjoy his favourite series without disrupting those who are working or learning from home, consider gifting your dad a pair of high quality, wireless headphone or earbud that is designed to hook up to his television. With such a device, your dad will no longer need to compromise his audio quality.

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Even if his TV does not have a Bluetooth function, you can still select from the wide range of Bluetooth earbuds or headphones, all you need is another Bluetooth transmitter. The transmitter will convert audio signals from the TV to Bluetooth signals that are compatible with the wireless audio device. This gift will definitely appeal to dads who love cool gadgets and uninterrupted entertainment.

Tingkat Delivery Service

Singaporeans love to eat, but since the start of the social distancing, many have been kept indoors and limited to home-cooked food because of costly food delivery fees. If your dad has been frugal and holding back from ordering his favourite menus, why not present him with a 10-day “tingkat” delivery service that will treat him to a wide range of dishes every day?

Traditionally “tingkat” means “layer” in Malay, but the word refers to steel layered tiffin containers in the colloquial terms. These containers usually come with several compartments filled with different dishes and sealed shut with a lid that keeps the food fresh and warm.

'Tingkat' delivery service. Image:
'Tingkat' delivery service. Image:


“Tingkat” services have been gaining popularity in recent years because they are highly convenient and offer different packages at different price points, usually starting from a minimum 5-day order. For example, a 10-day lunch package for one person can range from about S$90 to about S$120. Such services also carry many cuisines and dishes to cater to different patrons, ensuring that even picky fathers will be able to find a meal that suits their preferences

Haircut & Treatment

Everyone loves a good haircut. However, since the start of social distancing in March, hairdressing salons and barbershops have been less accessible. Furthermore, the local authorities also limited these outlets to offer only quick haircuts so that they will not infringe on social distancing precautionary measures.

Barbershop. Image: annmariephotography / Pixabay
Barbershop. Image: annmariephotography / Pixabay


Now that hair salons are finally permitted to offer full services, offering your beloved parent a pampering hair make-over complete with a haircut, hair spa and colour treatment will be such a delightful surprise. It has been a while since he was given a decent hair grooming session, such an indulging treat will certainly be a memorable one. Additionally, a haircut is likely to be a relatively inexpensive gift. Our research suggests that the average cost of a men's haircut is about S$45, though you can certainly book appointments for even less.

Massage Gadgets

Since the pandemic started in March, stress has been mounting for many individuals. Meanwhile, conventional channels for stress relief such as exercising or going to the spa are less accessible due to lockdown.

Bear in mind that spas are not slated to open until Phase 3, which is still a couple of months away. However, a faster stress relief alternative is to give your dad a massage gadget to soothe his tension and relax his muscles.



For those with a big budget, consider portable massager like Theragun G3PRO. This device is widely viewed as one of the best options and offers highly customisable deep muscle treatments which your dad will surely fall in love with.

If a versatile massage pillow for neck, shoulder and back massage is what your dad needs, investigate similar items like Ogawa Health-care Mobile Shiatsu Lite and Osim uCozy Neck Massager. Both have similar functions, yet Ogawa’s model is S$41 cheaper.

Nothing but the Best

Your father deserves nothing but the best, hopefully, you will find the ideal Father’s Day gift that will make him feel loved and cherished. Now that we are out of the Circuit Breaker period and there are fewer restrictions to visit your loved ones, make sure to take the extra effort to reconnect with your beloved father, that may just be the most precious gift this year.

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