What Kind of Gift? Here’s a Complete List of Tips Based on the Love Language

What Kind of Gift? Here’s a Complete List of Tips Based on the Love Language

Christmas is just around the corner. Are you still wondering what to get for your special ones? If you have no clue what to get your partners, consider asking them their love language. There are five love languages; each of them is unique. Here are some gift ideas for people with each of the five love languages:

Word of Affirmation

People who have a word of affirmation as their love languages like to receive verbal expressions of affection, whether that's frequent compliments, words of encouragement, or love declarations. Here are some tips to make your loved ones swoon over your sweet words:

  • A long handwritten card describing what you love about them
  • A playlist of songs that remind you of them
  • A notebook filled with a personalized note in the front
  • Jar or books contains 100 reasons why you love them
Photo from Business Insider
Photo from Business Insider

Quality Time

People who have quality time as their love language feel loved when someone chooses to spend a lot of dedicated time with them and showers them with their undivided attention. Here are some tips to please your needy partners:

  • A fully paid vacation for the two of you
  • Two tickets for a concert, plays, sports, or game night
  • A surprise picnic

Act of Service

People who have an act of service as their love language feel most loved when their partner goes out of their way to do something for them, whether it is taking something off their plate, giving some hands, or a simple, thoughtful gesture. These kinds of people will surely appreciate gifts that make their life easier. Here are some tips for you:

  • Secretly complete a large task
  • Things to automatically help their life (such as a coffeemaker, robot vacuum cleaner, etc.)
  • A gift card that covers the cost of a few months of a laundry service, cleaning service, or their favorite office lunch spot

Physical Touch

People who have physical touch as their love language feel most loved when they receive affection in physical forms, such as hugs, kisses, holding hands, sex, cuddling, and many more. They will surely love all gifts with personal physical touches. Here are some tips for your tactical person:

  • A gift card for a professional massage or massage from you
  • Massage lotions, oils, and scents for a DIY massage at home
  • A couples' dance class you can take together, like ballroom dancing or salsa
  • Something soft to cuddle in together, like fancy new sheets, fuzzy blankets, or warm matching sweats.


People who have gifts as their love language feel most loved when someone gives them an actual token as a gift. They are not always fancy –sparkling or expensive, although some may prefer those gifts. But some people also preferred thoughtful physical or personalized presents. You should make your own list of what things your partner had mentioned to buy. Make sure you get them a gift of what they wanted the most.

Remember, love languages express affection and be fixed on somebody's favored method of getting love. Thus, paying attention to what kind of love language your partner preferred should give you an idea of providing the most cherished gifts for them!

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