Achievement during Pandemic, Indonesia's Student Did an Outstanding Performance at Online World Schools Debating Championship (OWSDC) 2020

Achievement during Pandemic, Indonesia's Student Did an Outstanding Performance at Online World Schools Debating Championship (OWSDC) 2020
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The good news came from Indonesia's outstanding student. During covid 19 2020, it's not a reason for Indonesia's student to not join the international debate championship. An Indonesia student gets outstanding international achievement to be a representation of Indonesia in the "Online World Schools Debating Championship (OWSDC) 2020

This event was held from 17 July up to August 2020, the Indonesia team who facilitated by Pusat Prestasi Nasional (Puspresnas), Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), sent 3 representation of students to join the championship, they are:
1. Cassia Tandonio (Pelita Harapan Kemang Village High school, Jakarta)
2. Joshua Luke Tandiono ( Indonesia British High School, Jakarta)
3. Judah Purwanto ( Pelita Harapan Lippo Village High School, Jakarta)

debate championship event
debate championship event


Through the official announcement and result, Indonesia's team gets individual prestigious awards which are "Top 5 ESL Best Speaker" and "Top 10 Open Best Speaker" in name of Judah Purwanto.
Those Best speaker categories are the first achievement that the Indonesian team ever got.

"We need to proud of our Indonesian children generation who do not lose orientation to excel at the world level in this pandemic" Asep Sukmayadi, leader of Pusat Orientasi claims.
He explains that this international debate contest has been already joining for Indonesia's candidates for more than a decade. According to him, the competition between countries is quite tight and has a high level, this is the first time Indonesia has reached the top five rank in the world in this debate.

"It's not only we can adapt during the pandemic, but we can pass it and be better, and Indonesia's students prove it"

Asep states "it also because of the good collaboration to do a consistence coaching between ministry, education authorities, schools, and parents."

"Wish this will be good news and inspiring so that we can be more optimized and able to pass a hard challenge during this pandemic, keep to productive, and outstanding"

The Head of Pusat Prestasi Nasional (Puspresnas) conveyed that Puspresnas paid equal attention to all potential talents and achievements of students in all lines of intelligence.

"That each Indonesian youngster has its own claims to fame, that the greats are not just the individuals who are acceptable at science or arithmetic, yet additionally the individuals who have gifts and capacities in the fields of language, craftsmanship, culture, sports, and numerous different things that have never truly been. recently envisioned as a result of the impact of current advances in data innovation, " clarified Asep.

He repeated, "We ought to likewise take a gander at youngsters' accomplishments from a thin point of view as well as from an all-encompassing and savvy viewpoint."

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While talking about the championship system, the OWSDC 2020 committee made two divisions/groups for the debate team in the preliminary round based on time zones, namely the Astec Division and the Maya Division. The Indonesian team is in the UTC + 7-time zone and is in the Maya zone. There are 6 fundamental rounds and 4 end adjustments. The Indonesian group finished 6 disposals with 4 successes and 2 annihilations. In the first fundamental round, The Indonesian group prevailed upon Japan. In the second starter round, the Indonesian group vanquished the Kazakh group. In the third starter round, Team Indonesia vanquished the Philippine group and in the fourth round, Indonesia bolted a pass to the end round overcoming the Bangladesh group. The Indonesian group lost focuses on the 5 and 6 primers adjustments and needed to perceive the prevalence of the Indian group and the Malaysian group. In the Elimination round, the means of the Indonesian group were halted by the United States group with a restricted score of 3-2. In the Maya OWSDC division, the Indonesian group's score was positioned fifth.


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