China has set up the 6G network, 8000 times faster than the 5G

China has set up the 6G network, 8000 times faster than the 5G

The satellite, which was launched on Friday (6/11/2020) from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, in the northern province of Shanxi, is claimed to be the first in the world. The satellite will be the transceiver link for the first terahertz (THz) technology trial.

"6G combines a satellite communication network with a communication network on the ground," said Professor Xu Yangsheng, an academic at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Satellite Technology Research Institute.

THz communication technology itself is predicted to be a promising wireless technology standard for 6G, although the 6G standard itself is planned to be finalized in 2028, and will start to be used commercially in 2030.

Illustration of 6G (Source:
Illustration of 6G (Source:

How fast is 6G?

A number of experts have conveyed their predictions, one of the most frequently quoted is from Dr Mahyar Shirvanimoghaddam of the University of Sydney. He claims the 6G can deliver speeds of 1TB per second, or 8,000 gigabits per second. If downloading a movie on Netflix takes one second using the 5G network, then with 6G speeds like that, in just one second you can download 142 hours of Netflix movies.

This speed will open the door to a whole new kind of internet usage and revolutionize the human-technology relationship.

The 6G era, for example, could offer new perspectives when it comes to brain-computer interfaces. For example, it is possible to use devices "through our brains," says Shirvanimoghaddam. As an illustration of everyday internet usage, 6G is able to download more than 142 hours of high quality video per second.

However, over time, researchers still have to remove significant barriers to achieving this goal.

“This 6G speed will require significant improvements in materials science, computer architecture, chip design and energy use. We have to think of a safe way to supply all these devices without risking burning the Earth, "said Shirvanimoghaddam.

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