5 Fun Christmas Activities at Home

5 Fun Christmas Activities at Home
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Christmas has arrived,  bring the joy and magic to the air. Even though this year's holiday and Christmas can only be done at home, you want to make sure this memorable holiday is enjoyed and savoured by the whole family, right? That's why we've listed our top picks for Christmas activities and fun holiday ideas that the whole family can enjoy. Get started below to plan a list of fun activities to fill your Christmas and holidays.

The following Christmas activities are excellent for the entire family. Just choose your preference from those below or use them to inspire an idea all your own!

1. Write and Send Holiday Cards

Holiday cards reflect your hearts during the holiday, especially Christmas season also often makes family and friends feel better. You can make someone smile with your heartwarming message or make someone laugh by your funny Christmas photo or caption. Whichever direction you go with the holiday cards, do not underestimate the timeless magic of making someone feel great during this holiday season with a holiday card!

Write and send your holiday cards (© NCT Daily)
Write and send your holiday cards (© NCT Daily)


2. Decorate A Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is an important element in Christmas celebrations, don't miss it to decorate the Christmas tree by yourself with family or friends! If you usually buy a ready-made Christmas tree, in this chance, try to arrange your own Christmas decorations as you like!

Decorate a christmas tree (© NCT Daily)
Decorate a Christmas tree (© NCT Daily)


3. Bake Unique Christmas Cookies

Having leisure time during the holidays heading to Christmas is the right chance to spend your time baking Christmas cookies! Try baking from simple cookies to expert level, no problem! Doing this activity with family or friends together will make you happy in this Christmas eve. Our best selection of Christmas cookies for you is almond Christmas cookies, Christmas ginger cookies, and Christmas carol cookies. What is your favourite?

christmas cookies (© Johnny's Communication Center NCT Daily)
Christmas cookies (© Johnny's Communication Center NCT Daily)


4. Set Up a Christmas Photo

After decorating the Christmas tree and baking cookies, then it's time for you to catch this special moment in the form of a photo. To beautify the photo's concept, add some Christmas property, and it is recommended to mix and match the fashion that you wear with your family or friends and voila, your Christmas ambience is stored beautifully in memory.

Set up your christmas photo (© NCT Daily)
Set up your Christmas photo (© NCT Daily)


5. Throw a Christmas Party

Some of the activities above still not fulfilling your Christmas holiday? Try to have a Christmas party at home with your family because it's not a bad idea! Celebrating Christmas by having a party at home is also a fun activity to do. You can gather with family and friends in a warm Christmas ambience, which is surely safer than joining a Christmas party outside and contacting lots of people.

Throw a Christmas party at home (© NCT Daily)
Throw a Christmas party at home (© NCT Daily)


Those are 5 suggestions for fun activities to do during the Christmas holidays you can do at home. Have you decided what you will do when you celebrate Christmas? If you haven't decided yet, try one of our suggestions, it's worth to try!

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