Ranked: Southeast Asia's Most-peaceful Nations 2021

Ranked: Southeast Asia's Most-peaceful Nations 2021

Asia has it all: impressive sights and sounds, intense cultural experiences, and peaceful natural retreats just waiting to be discovered. Each country within this grand continent offers an opportunity for adventure, plenty of sights to gawk over, and incredible experiences to cross off.

With so many things to do and places to see, you might be left feeling indecisive, so to help you decide, we suggest visiting the safest countries. We’ve updated our list based on the most recent Global Peace Index, which provides us a clear projection of where to travel in 2021 where safety is concerned. So without further delay here are the top 12 safest countries to visit in Asia in 2021, recognized as some of the most peaceful on earth according to the Global Peace Index.

  1. Singapore
  2. Japan
  3. Malaysia
  4. Taiwan
  5. Indonesia
  6. Mongolia
  7. Laos
  8. South Korea
  9. Vietnam
  10. Cambodia
  11. China
  12. Thailand

Let's put the spotlight on Southeast Asian countries. 

1. Singapore
The top position for the safest country according to the Global Peace Index goes to Singapore. A melting pot of cultures, it sits firmly at the top of our list for the safest countries in Asia for yet another year. From Chinatown to Little India, the city will welcome you no matter where you’re from.

All the while, Singapore still maintains its green spaces which will delight all types of travellers. The diversity of experiences extends to the mind-boggling food that ranges from cheap, local fare to Michelin star-worthy dishes. Soak in the Singapore Botanic Gardens or if you need your adventure fix, set out to see nocturnal animals on a night safari.



2. Malaysia
Following closely behind the leaders on the Global Peace Index is Malaysia, which scored an overall global ranking of 25 in the world. In short, it is beyond safe to visit, and once you arrive, you’ll soon understand why there’s something so mesmerizing about Malaysia. The magic of this Southeast Asian nation can only be experienced firsthand – the inviting, friendly atmosphere will have you hooked within moments.

You’ll also find plenty of picturesque islands dotted around the mainland, buzzing cities, and lots of delicious food to devour.

3. Indonesia
Good news for Indonesia, which has managed to climb 3 spots in their region, and a staggering 14 overall! While climate hazards continue to pose an ongoing threat, the country itself remains one of the safest in Asia. Many travelers flock to its shores to discover the wonderful food, lush green rice paddies, stunning beaches, and ancient temples. In other words, things are beautiful here, and you’re sure to feel safe within moments of arrival.

4. Laos
Anyone who has visited Laos would not be surprised that this country has secured one of the top spots. While it’s true that Laos has dropped down two spots in the region, it’s actually climbed two globally. Still, it’s extremely safe with few crimes reported and fewer scams that you might find in countries more popular with tourist crowds. With beautiful countryside that changes at every turn, delicious food, and friendly locals, Laos should most certainly be next on your must-visit list.

While you’re there, you can spend a night in the jungle with the Gibbon Experience, observe decades-old traditions with the Buddhist Alms Giving Ceremony in Luang Prabang, or cycle through Vang Vieng for an experience like no other.

5. Vietnam
Coming in at number nine on our list, Vietnam is a land of gorgeous panoramas, rich culture and it boasts a street food scene that is well worth diving deep into. Travelling through Vietnam is thrilling – some days you can hop on a motorbike to take in the country’s extensive coastline, other days you can kayak through the sparkling waters of Ha Long Bay for a taste of the country’s natural beauty.

As for the locals? They are some of the friendliest. When it comes to the happiness radar, it’s no wonder Vietnam stands out as one of the world’s top places to be. You can immerse yourself in the smiles by unrestricted happiness for yourself, consider participating in a laughing yoga class in the capital of Hanoi.

6. Cambodia
Cambodia might have a devastating, dark past however that is by no means a reflection on its peace rankings. There’s so much to love about this little country and petty crime against travellers is virtually unheard of. Embrace the scenery of this Southeast Asian nation as you roam through lively markets, majestic temples and charismatic towns that seem untouched by modern tourism developments. It’s time to delve a little bit deeper and get acquainted with Cambodia.

If you are looking to learn more about the history of Cambodia and the resilience and strength of the country’s population, a visit to the Killing Fields and S21 is a must. The experience is essential to understanding Cambodia’s fraught history and will open your eyes to life under the Khmer Rouge which of course.

12. Thailand
Thailand has been pretty consistent as a top choice for travellers heading to Asia. From visiting Northern hill tribes and elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai to island hopping and hedonistic Full Moon parties. It’s paradise! Thailand can be relied upon for relaxing trouble-free on heavenly, tropical beaches and friendly locals. 

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