Ranking: Top 10 Southeast Asia's strongest telecoms brand ranking 2022

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Ranking: Top 10 Southeast Asia's strongest telecoms brand ranking 2022

Every year, Brand Finance evaluates 5,000 of the world's most well-known brands and releases roughly 100 studies ranking brands across all industries and nations. A specific sector ranking – the Brand Finance Telecoms 150 2022 – includes the world's top 150 most valuable and strongest telecoms brands.

With an 88.4 brand strength index score for the Asia-Pacific region, Filipino brand PLDT (brand value up 2% to US$2.5 billion) is the strongest brand in Asia. With its new PayMaya offering in the Philippines, it is expanding its brand into non-telecoms services with the digital revolution of banking services.

While final figures are not available at the time of writing, PLDT is expected to add 1 million new home fiber services in 2021, despite the pandemic. This represents more than a third of all PLDT's home fiber services and exhibits highly rapid development in this sector.

According to Brand Finance, Telkom Indonesia is still the strongest Telecoms 150, particularly in Southeast Asia.

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PT Telkom Indonesia is being encouraged by the Ministry of SOEs to modernize with an emphasis on digital business. This is in accordance with Erick Thohir, the Minister of State-owned Enterprises, who wants Telkom to become Southeast Asia's largest digital telecoms provider.

PT Telkom Indonesia carried out this aim by altering its business model to focus on functioning in the digital environment. Telkom's subsidiary, PT Dayamitra Telekomunikasi Tbk (MTEL) or Mitratel, is one example of implementation, as it continues to build operator towers to support 5G networks across Indonesia.

Telkom's strategic move through Mitratel, which aims to build 6,000 communication network operator towers in the next three years, according to Erick, is critical. Because this is in keeping with the government's larger goal of ensuring equal access to digital services across the archipelago.

"The efforts performed by PT Telkom through Mitratel are a major undertaking since they will increase communication access for people all over the region, allowing them to connect to digital networks and achieve Digital Indonesia. This will have a significant impact on economic growth, public services, and the development of MSMEs, as well as human resource development ", Erick stated in a written statement on Friday, February 11, as quoted by Antara.

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