Proton Malaysia is Committed to Distributing New Energy Vehicles

Proton Malaysia is Committed to Distributing New Energy Vehicles

For EV and NEV sales and distribution, Proton New Energy Technology (PRO-NET) has been established.

A new division called Proton New Energy Technology (PRO-NET) is in charge of handling EV and NEV sales.

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It's no secret that Proton will be handling the smart brand's distribution in Malaysia. However, a different entity will not be in charge. Proton New Energy Technology Sdn. Bhd. (PRO-NET), a new business, has been established to take care of business. A wholly owned subsidiary of PROTON is PRO-NET.

It will have a distinct management group and an operations team made up primarily of outside personnel.

PRO-NET will be in charge of all future "new energy vehicle (NEV) products" in addition to selling smart cars. Alternative or hybrid-powered cars are referred to as NEVs.

Following the signing of a general dealer agreement with clever Automobile Co on August 18, 2022, Pro-Net will be in charge of leading sales and distribution of smart electric cars (EVs) as well as its own upcoming new EV offers.

In Q4 2023, PRO-NET will launch smart #1. In addition to selling this EV, PRO-NET also aims to provide their clients with charging solutions, such as installing home and public charging infrastructure.

To answer consumers' worries regarding charging accessibility, they are introducing multi-tiered charging systems.

According to our research, consumers' hesitation to adopt new energy cars is related to their worry over access to charging stations.

Proton CEO Dr. Li Chunrong stated in a statement today that "Pro-Net intends to address the issue with a two-pronged approach, combining the installation and maintenance of home-based chargers with a comprehensive public network to be built with partners specializing in the development and running of charging stations."

Pro-Net must make sure that its goods and services are available to all Malaysians, regardless of where they live, he continued, as a Proton subsidiary.



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