Not TikTok, This is The Most Used Channel For Live Selling in Southeast Asia

Not TikTok, This is The Most Used Channel For Live Selling in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian Ninja Van e-commerce sellers chose Shopee over its rivals as their preferred live-selling platform.

According to an e-logistics firm poll, out of more than 1,000 participating merchants, roughly 27% use Shopee the most, followed by Facebook with 25.5% and TikTok with 22.5%, according to the results.

Three out of ten responders engage in live selling, spending up to six hours per week doing so.

According to the survey, merchants often use two channels for live-selling, which could explain why Shopee, Facebook, and TikTok have similar user bases.

However, the survey's findings show that TikTok is progressing in the e-commerce environment of the area. A recent article from The Information claims that TikTok Shop exceeded US$4.4 billion in gross sales volume last year after aggressively expanding into Southeast Asia.

According to a company spokesman who talked with Tech in Asia, TikTok Shop would keep offering "hyperlocal offerings inside each area" to fuel growth in Southeast Asia this year.

The more likely scenario is that Shopee has already conducted some trials in the area because short video, including live streaming, is just beginning to show its promise in Southeast Asia (and will eventually spread to other regions). These are few, and it will want more assistance for its e-commerce activities on a brief video.

Shopee, Sea Group, or TikTok will require a fantastic, outstanding social leader if they want to compete with them. It will take a lot of luck to find such a person, who is incredibly tough to find.



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