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5 of the Most Beautiful Starbucks stores in Southeast Asia you must add to your travel itinerary

Dini Yasyione year ago
This Bali Starbucks is not just lovely and cool, but it is also Southeast Asia's largest and even has its own coffee farm. ...

"KOPI", The Special Coffee Name for Indonesian Specialty Coffee

Adelaida Salikha6 years ago
The use of the word KOPI in front of each type of coffee originating from Indonesia will be a distinguishing power with those from ...

Coffee Lovers in Abu Dhabi Enjoy Indonesian Coffee

Adelaida Salikha6 years ago
A cafe that sells Indonesian coffee has opened its doors at a mall in Abu Dhabi. Named Kopi Ketjil, the on-the-go cafe ...

Jakarta, the Great Coffee Capitals of the World ?

Akhyari Hananto6 years ago
As Indonesia began preparations for the nation’s Independence Day celebrations in Jakarta on August 17, the president of Indonesia told ...

Indonesia Seeks to Re-brew its Coffee Glory

Thomas Benmetan7 years ago
  After four years of posting lower production volume and shrinking plantation area, Indonesia is finally making a move to reverse the situation. Being the ...