Pesantren as Moral Crisis Responses of Indonesian Education System

Pesantren as Moral Crisis Responses of Indonesian Education System

Indonesian education system is inconsistent to determining the actual goals by the Indonesian government. Planning of education curriculum isn't clear, so the applied in Indonesia is unexpected. So that, Indonesia should reflect back to the old system. We usually not sensitive that Indonesia actually has pesantren education system who produces excellent students since hundreds of years ago.

Pesantren education system answered and be the best solution to solve student problem for now, one of respect for teachers. In pesantren boarding school, students and their teachers (kyai) relationship is very close because their boarding are always near with their teacher house. So the teacher can give his all knowledge to his students easily. The students who have been taught a lot of knowledge and see how their teacher effort to guide them, otomatically they are respect and obey what their teacher said . Because the good teaching is not only by word of mouth, but also model practice.

The second problem is students moral. Education system that gives opportunity to internet access freely without any information filter make moral of the students decline. Plus the student and teacher relationship just professionalism to work without controlled their students. In contrast with today's modern pesantren. They give freedom to access information from the Internet, but still controll and make sure to reading books priority. Because book are more truth informative contains. That is why pesantren students prefer reading books and more intelligent.

The third is the problem of social sensitivity. Indonesian education system gives the student too much of task, so they have a limited time to make social relationships. It makes the students become apathetic to social issues around. In contrast to the boarding school. The students habit are doing things with other people, both in daily life or discussion groups studied. It's good because they became sensitive to the problem and have problem solving social ability.

In the other hand, pesantren boarding school have a badness of curriculum development. The curriculum in the schools are fixed and follow global developments (goverment). While in pesantren curriculum content is easily changed according to the wish of the school owner and what the goals they want to achieve in their educational system. And also, pesantren mentioned late to following tecnology development, because the students prohibited to carry a cell phone as a communication tool.

Indonesia must should do self-reflection to determine a suitable education system with Indonesian culture. Boarding schools could be example of typical Indonesian education system, because the pesantren boarding school system can be one of social problems solving for students to answer at this time. Each system no one is perfect, so dowith pesantren boarding school. However, if we're viewed from its benefits, the system is more effective to applied in Indonesia. The shortage of pesantren boarding school can be solved by modernizing such modern boarding school, who active not only in religion sector, but also the development of technology.

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