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The Only One From Asia, Indomie is Top 10 The Most Chosen Brand in The World
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The Only One From Asia, Indomie is Top 10 The Most Chosen Brand in The World

According to Kantar's Brand Footprint 2021 survey, which ranks the most popular consumer brands, Indomie is the top brand in Indonesia and ranked seventh among the top 50 FMCG brands of 2020.

The manufacturer of instant noodles was also named the best FMCG brand in Indonesia last year. Japan's Ajinomoto, which dropped seven positions to 39th, is the other Asian brand to join Indomie in the rankings.

According to KANTAR, customers would choose 31 FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) brands more than 1 billion times in 2020.

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The Brand Footprint rankings measure which brands are being bought by the most customers the most often. Coca-Cola is the most popular brand in the world on a global scale, being selected off the shelves 5.9 billion times annually.

Both Colgate and Maggi, which are the most popular food and personal care brands in the world, maintained their first-place finishes. Colgate is still the only brand preferred by more than 50% of the world's population; it is found in six out of ten households (60.5%), while Maggi continued to do well, with consumer preference rising to 7% and solidifying its position as the third most preferred brand internationally.

The parent business of Indomie, Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur, announced a 10% increase in consolidated net sales for the year ending December 31, 2020, totaling IDR46.64 trillion, in March of this year.

According to the company, operational income rose by 24 percent to IDR9.20 trillion and operating margin climbed to 19.7 percent from 17.5 percent. The company's strong product names, adaptable integrated business model, and strong distribution networks, according to Anthoni Salim, president, director, and CEO, allowed Indofood to survive the pandemic-plagued year.

Due to these elements, the company was able to successfully respond to shifting consumer preferences and fashion trends. Along with Pop Mie, Sarimi, Indomilk, Milkuat, Chitato, and other brands, Indofood also owns Indomie.

Consumer reach points count the number of times customers choose a particular brand to assess a brand's strength. This is derived, according to Kantar, by averaging penetration, population, and customer preference.

The biggest change was in the food sector (+9%), while growth in the health and beauty sectors was down by 5% in 2020. The proportion of larger size brands among growing brands increased from 50% to 54%, according to Kantar, at the same period.

The top 50's performance is also closely related to the industries they serve, with 22 of them coming from the food and dairy industries. 16 of these brands also saw growth. 15 of the top 50 brands are in the health and beauty industry, according to Kantar, which highlights the industry's potential for global brand recognition.

Globally, India and the US contributed 31 percent and 24 percent, respectively, to the top 50 brand growth in 2020, accounting for 55 percent of the total. Western Europe contributed 14% of the growth, while the rest of Asia contributed 11%.

China made up 3 percent on its own. Despite a slowdown in FMCG growth last year, local brands still have a very strong presence in China, holding an 89 percent market as opposed to a 63 percent share, according to Kantar. The other top 10 brands, according to Kantar, were all local or regional brands, with Lay's, the highest-ranking global brand in China, coming in at number 13.

According to Kantar, brands must be picked five or more times annually and have a global penetration of at least 10% in order to crack the top 50. About 45 of the top 50 brands have reached a penetration of over 10 percent and those that do not are “unique with a large footprint in specific markets”, Kantar added.

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