Visas for Digital Nomads in Southeast Asia Updated List 2023

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Visas for Digital Nomads in Southeast Asia Updated List 2023

The news of the brand-new Southeast Asia digital nomad visas has thrilled digital nomads all over the world.

For years, the area has been a go-to location for digital nomads seeking modest housing in cities with top-notch wifi. Cities like Bali, Indonesia, and Chiang Mai, Thailand, are frequently visited by remote workers.

These Southeast Asia visas for digital nomads enable distant employees to emigrate and actually name the nation their home. Some Southeast Asia visas for digital nomads have considerably longer residency permissions than other visas of a like nature.

Remote workers are permitted to temporarily reside abroad with a digital nomad visa. You must make your money remotely from a location other than the nation where you desire to apply for the digital nomad visa in order to be eligible for this sort of visa.

Holders of digital nomad visas are prohibited from looking for work or participating in small-town economic activity.

These visas are perfect for digital nomads who have fallen in love with a place and wish to stay there for a longer period of time than is permitted by a tourist visa.


The B211A visa for Indonesia is an excellent choice for remote workers to remain in the nation for six months even though it isn't officially a visa for digital nomads.

The B211A is a great choice for digital nomads who want a taste of Bali's way of life while we wait impatiently for the official Indonesian visa.

The initial 60-day visa is granted, but it can be extended twice. Applying for it is not too difficult, especially with the help of the immigration lawyer partners of Nomads Embassy.

Visa Term: 60 days (renewable twice for a total of 180 days)

Visa Requirements:
- Valid passport
- Fully vaccinated against COVID-19
- $2,000 bank balance or sponsorship in Indonesia
- Exit ticket from Indonesia

Indonesia made plans to issue a formal visa for digital nomads public in June 2022. Since Bali and Canggu are highly sought-after locations for remote work, this news was warmly received by digital nomads all around the world.

There would be a tax credit for digital nomads in addition to the need that they reside in the nation for five years. During their stay in Indonesia, they wouldn't be subject to local taxes on their worldwide income. Digital nomads that are tax-savvy would greatly benefit from this.


The Professional Visit Pass is the official name of Malaysia's digital nomad visa. It is designed primarily for distant workers in the digital industry known as "digital nomads." You must, for instance, hold employment as a digital marketer, IT consultant, programmer, content writer, etc.

One of the simplest visas to apply for for digital nomads is the one whose entire application procedure is completed online. Malaysia is a great location for digital nomads who wish to network while discovering a new nation because of its thriving startup and tech scene.

Visa Term: 3 months (renewable up to 12 months)

Visa Requirements:
- Valid passport
- Work remotely in the digital domain
- Earn $24,000 per year
- Travel or health insurance coverage in Malaysia
- Clean criminal record


The most difficult visa for digital nomads to get may be Thailand's Long Term Residence Visa.

The visa is quite selective because of the restrictions. Work from Thailand, Wealthy Global Citizens, and Wealthy Pensioners are the three categories for individuals who qualify, although each has extremely prestigious qualifications.

For instance, Wealthy Global Citizens are required to demonstrate that they have $1 million in assets and invest $500,000 in Thailand. Candidates for the Work from Thailand category must make at least $80,000 per year and possess a Master's degree.

But if you satisfy these conditions, you will be given a 10-year residency permit that enables you to dwell in Thailand.

Visa Term: 10 years

Visa Requirements
- Valid passport
- Work remotely and earn $80,000 per year
- Have $1 million in assets (if applicable)
- Invest $500,000 in Thailand (if applicable)
- Health insurance coverage in Thailand up to $50,000



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