2023 UPDATE LIST! The Best Place For Digital Nomads

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2023 UPDATE LIST! The Best Place For Digital Nomads

According to a research by MBO Partners, there are 16.9 million American digital nomads all over the world. According to Forbes, who cited expert estimates, about 35 million individuals work remotely.

In recent years, as the digital nomad trend has grown, more people have started looking for the ideal locations for both living and working remotely.

In January of this year, the community website Digital Nomads released a list of the top locations in the world for digital nomads. The website factored in things like the monthly cost of living and Wi-Fi speed of the location.

Europe and Asia each claimed four slots in the top 10, making up the majority of the list. The final two, one in each of Australia and Africa, were cities.

10. Barcelona, Spain

Digital Nomad claims that some of Barcelona's attractions for digital nomads include the city's rich culture and architecture. Numerous coffee shops and coworking spaces may be found across Barcelona.

One remote worker remarked on Nomad List, a website devoted to the digital nomad lifestyle, "Tons of lovely coworking internet is ultra-fast. Nomad List gathers anonymous reviews of destinations.

In February, Spain formally introduced a visa for digital nomads. Applicants must earn at least $32,445 per year in monthly income.

Monthly cost of living: $3,000

Internet speed: 35 Mbps

9. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is appreciated for its diversity and extensive history among digital nomads. The German capital is renowned for being a center for the arts in Europe.

According to a digital nomad who posted on Nomad List, "it's really safe for ladies." The jazz clubs and nightlife are fantastic.

A remote work visa has not yet been formally introduced in Germany. Digital nomads are eligible to apply for a freelance visa, which permits them to work remotely for German clients for up to three years.

Monthly cost of living: $3,000

Internet speed: 50 Mbps

8. Budapest, Hungary

Nomad List claims that Budapest has a top-notch dining and entertainment scene, including reasonably priced fine dining. The capital of Hungary is renowned for its lightning-fast Wi-Fi.

One digital nomad described the city as "quite attractive, vibrant, and full of things to do," noting that it is also simple to navigate in comparison to other major European capitals.

In January, Hungary introduced the White Card, a remote working visa. The minimum monthly income requirement for applicants is 2,000 euros ($2,150).

Monthly cost of living: $1,450

Internet speed: 40 Mbps

7. Cape Town, South Africa

According to Digital Nomads, Cape Town is a city with an excellent natural landscape, beautiful beaches, and a diversified cultural scene.

One remote worker gushed about the city on Nomad List, calling it "one of the most gorgeous cities on Earth." She also mentioned that while living there, she went cage shark diving and went to a safari. A digital nomad visa has not yet been formally introduced in South Africa.

Monthly cost of living: $1,800

Internet speed: 22.72 Mbps

6. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Metropolis was defined by Digital Nomads as a fast-paced city with a vibrant nightlife and delectable local food. The capital of Vietnam is also a thriving center for culture and the arts.

According to a remote worker who posted on Nomad List, "Ho Chi Minh City is undoubtedly the place to be right now." There is the perfect amount of comfort and turmoil, and you can sense it. Vietnam has not yet introduced a special visa for digital nomads.

Monthly cost of living: $950

Internet speed: 20 Mbps

5. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

According to Digital Nomads, Ubud is the best place for remote workers who value nature and a laid-back lifestyle. The village is renowned for its beautiful Balinese temples and thick woods.

One digital nomad commented on Nomad List, "It's green and lush, there's wonderful food and a number of good pubs."

In October of last year, Indonesia opened up remote work visas. Candidates must provide verification of $130,000 in funds, which must be deposited in state-owned banks.

Monthly cost of living: $1,200

Internet speed: 20 Mbps

4. Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Canggu is the ideal location for remote workers who prefer a beach lifestyle, according to Digital Nomads. With a ton of cafes and activities for digital nomads, the town is renowned for being a surfing hub.

One digital nomad observed that "Canggu has so much vitality and excitement" in January on Nomad List. "I believe that's partly because of the weather and the cost of living." Digital nomads can apply for an Indonesian remote work visa if they want to dwell in Canggu.

Monthly cost of living: $1,350

Internet speed: 25 Mbps

3. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, the largest city in Northern Thailand, has been praised by digital nomads as a center for remote workers with a wealth of attractions. The city has more temples than you can count, night markets, and cooler weather than most of Southeast Asia.

One digital nomad stated on Nomad List in January that there is "something fantastic for everyone," adding that the cafe scene is the greatest of all the cities they had visited.

Late last year, Thailand introduced a visa for "Work-from-Thailand Professionals" for independent contractors. Two years prior to applying, candidates must have earned at least $80,000 in yearly income, a master's degree, or intellectual property.

Monthly cost of living: $950

Internet speed: 25 Mbps

2. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne has received acclaim from digital nomads for its excellent Wi-Fi access and thriving cultural scene, and they noted that many foreigners, including expats and digital nomads, call Melbourne home.

There are "so many exciting things to do" in Melbourne, according to a digital nomad who posted on Nomad List, including going to the beach and amusement parks.

Australia has not yet introduced a formal remote work visa. Instead, digital nomads from nations that qualify might apply for a working holiday visa. All applicants, with a few exceptions, must be between the ages of 18 and 30.

Monthly cost of living: $3,200

Internet speed: 50 Mbps

1. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a more affordable option for people looking for remote work than major European destinations like Barcelona and Paris, according to Digital Nomads. Additionally, networking events are a simple way for digital nomads to meet one another.

One remote worker wrote on Nomad List that "Portuguese people are wonderfully kind," and that the city has "excellent local food" and a well-connected subway system.

In October 2022, Portugal introduced a remote work visa. To be eligible for the visa, applicants must make a minimum monthly salary of $2,750.

Monthly cost of living: $2,000

Internet speed: 25 Mbps



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