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Trying to Compete With Chinese EVs, Tesla Debuts in Thailand

Dini Yasyi3 months ago
Thailand has already been selected as a target by China's BYD, which plans to start producing 150,000 electric vehicles annually in 2024. ...

Thailand Will Become the 1st Primary Production Hub for China's Top Electric Vehicle

Dini Yasyi6 months ago
China's top electric vehicle manufacturer, BYD, will establish Thailand as its first production hub in Southeast Asia. ...

An International Electric-car Race To be Held in Southeast Asia in 2020 4 years ago
An electric version of Formula One is set to arrive in Singapore next year and the race will take place ...

Electric Cars For Southeast Asian Ride Hailing Service Grab Beginning Next Year

Adelaida Salikha5 years ago
A series of electric car pilot projects across Southeast Asia, beginning with Singapore in 2019. ...

The Game is On : Electric vehicle race in Southeast Asia 6 years ago
Not wanting to miss out on the next transport technology revolution, Southeast Asian policymakers are racing to accelerate the adoption ...