Which Airport Has the Fastest Wi-Fi in Asia?

Which Airport Has the Fastest Wi-Fi in Asia?

Using Speedtest data for March-May 2017, Speedtest analyzed the speeds of free airport Wi-Fi and local cellular signals at the busiest airports in Asia to see what are the best options and where you’re flat out of luck.

Up to date, the data for Fastest Airport Wi-Fi 2017 is as shown below in which two of Southeast Asian airports are included in the list:

Source Image: Speedtest Official Website
Source Image: Speedtest Official Website

Dubai reigns when it comes to free airport Wi-Fi. In fact, this airport has the fastest Wi-Fi we’ve seen at any airport in Asia, Europe or Africa. And their average upload speed is even faster than their download. Travelers to second-place Seoul are also in excellent shape if they need to connect to the internet while in transit.

Tokyo, Delhi and Singapore have decently fast download speeds over airport Wi-Fi while Bangkok’s and Hong Kong’s are merely okay.

You might think airport Wi-Fi is similar to the average mobile Wi-Fi speeds of the country, but instead some of the fastest countries — Singapore (111.59 Mbps), Hong Kong (63.70 Mbps) and China (47.64 Mbps) — have poor to average airport Wi-Fi speeds.

Though sitting near the top of the airport Wi-Fi pack, South Korea’s 66.67 Mbps, Japan’s 42.00 Mbps and Thailand’s 30.48 Mbps country averages show the Wi-Fi at their premier airports could be a lot faster.

India’s average download speed (12.39 Mbps) is right in line with the Wi-Fi at Indira Gandhi International Airport.

On the other end of the spectrum, the United Arab Emirates has clearly prioritized airport Wi-Fi because the Wi-Fi download speed at Dubai International is nearly double the country average of 22.12 Mbps.

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