6 Effective Study Tips for Students

6 Effective Study Tips for Students
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Entering the world of college requires being prepared for many different changes frome being student in high school to college stundent in university. When you were in high school, if you got a bad grade on an exam, it was just remedial, then you could still continue to the next semester. It's different from students, when you become a college student, you have to complete every course in order to progress smoothly to the next semester, because if there is even one course that not qualified campus standards, you have to repeat it in the next semester. So the college students must have an effective learning design system in order to get good grades on exams.

  1. Memorization or Understanding Method

If you are a college student majoring in science and technology, then the more suitable learning system is understanding rather than memorizing, because it's useless if you memorize 1000 formulas but don't understand the meaning and use of these formulas. Usually, understanding the lesson will be automatically recorded by the brain to memorize the material studied. Meanwhile, for social science students better to memorize lessons, because reasoning to understand a learning concept is less necessary.

  1. Group Study

Studying with friends in one room creates a more lively and cheerful learning atmosphere. Each person's views express their own understanding differently, so that you can receive different knowledge quickly and be able to draw conclusions from several existing opinions. However, sometimes there are also some students who prefer to study alone because they prefer calm, not crowded, and without commotion, this comes back to your personality!

  1. Material Screening

One effective learning method is material screening, where you read and understand the material first before the lecturer gives lessons in class. This method will help you understand the lessons faster than your friends. Starting from screening this material can also lead you to become a teaching assistant! Because the lecturer considers you to be a competent person in the subject being taught.

  1. Podomoro Method

The average human's ability to focus in receiving a lesson is only around 30-40 minutes, after that the mind starts to wander. Surely you have experienced that when a lecturer teaches for hours, you feel very bored and sleepy, right?

You can study using the podomoro method, you just focusing on studying for 30 minutes then taking a break for 5 minutes, and repeating like that until you finish according to the learning schedule you have designed. However, this technique can only be done through independent study, so don't apply it when there is a lecturer in class!

  1. Increase your practice questions

If after reading the material you continue to doing the assignment, you will definitely understand the course material better. Students often forget the material they have studied because the system only reads without doing the assignment. Practice questions are designed to test your understanding of the material you have studied, so they are important to do.

  1. Put your cell phone far away

Cell phones are objects that often create distractions when studying. Notifications from social media or chat are very disturbing in the learning process, because they will divert students' focus. Therefore, it is necessary to activate do not disturb mode and place it far away from your study table, so that not break your study concentration.

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